Explore The Historical Relevance Of Vasai Fort:

The Bassein Fort, also referred to as the Vasai Fort, is located in the Vasai village. Built in 1532, this fort is approximately 5 centuries old. It was constructed by the Sultan of Gujarat. The Bassein Fort was primarily responsible for offering protection to the entire province of Bassein. It offered cover to over 58,000 Indian Christians, 60,000 inhabitants and 2,000 Portuguese.

Bassein Fort in Vasai
The gateways of this fort are extremely attractive and have beautiful inscriptions adorning them, while in the close proximity are the Portuguese Graves that are believed to be dating back to 1558. The surrounding area that envelopes the fort is revered for its picturesque beauty. This place is surrounded by sea from three directions. If you love visiting ancient places, then you should keep aside some time for this destination.

Bassein Fort
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