Few Popular Attractions near Thane

Popularly referred as the Elder sister of Mumbai, Thane City in Maharashtra is an ideal destination to spend some fun-filled moments with your loved ones. Thane is home to a plethora of historical buildings. Amusement parks, lakes, hills, and shopping malls add to value of this destination. The best aspect of this lake city is its proximity to various other tourist destinations. Following are some of these attractions:

Bassein (Vasai):

Bassein Fort in Vasai
Located on the western coast at an approximate distance of 48 Km to the north of Mumbai, Vasai Bassein is a popular destination. Ruins of Portuguese era amidst the swirling palm groves and brushwood are worth watching. There is also a beautiful beach in the surrounding.

Titwala Ganesh Mandir:

Titwala Ganesh Mandir
It is a sacred pilgrimage site, as it has Mahaganesh Temple and the temple of Shri Vithoba. Here, you can also find the beautiful Ambarnath temple, which dates back to the 11th century. It was built in the ‘Hemadpanti’ architectural journey.

Sudhagad Fort:

This is one of the rare forts, which are in absolutely good condition. Located near Pali, which is an immensely popular pilgrimage centre, Sudhagad is a must-visit tourist destination. If you are fascinated by ancient monuments, then you should definitely consider visiting this fort.

Jawahar Palace:

The unrivalled beauty and salubrious climate around this palace reminds you scenic views of Mahabaleshwar. The architecture of this palace makes it an absolute masterpiece.


Situated at an approximate altitude of 800 meters, Matheran is a charming and captivating hill station on the outskirts of Mumbai. Visitors particularly from Mumbai and nearby cities visit frequently during weekends to spend some time with their loved ones.

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Musunda Talao: Explore This Water Beauty

Masunda Lake in Thane
The Musunda Talao, also known the Talao Pali (the literal meaning of Talao is Lake in Hindi), is the biggest and largest lake in the Thane district. Located at a distance of approximately 15-20 minutes from the center of city, this lake receives large number of tourists every year.

Talao Pali Lake
The myriad range of activities such as boating and water-scooters for the interested visitors makes this lake immensely popular among tourists. It is a favorite hangout for couples and families. If you intend to spend some time in absolute peace and tranquility, then you should definitely consider visiting this destination. Apart from this, if you are fed with your mundane and stressful city life, then you can consider visiting this destination for absolute bliss. The Kopineshwar Temple located on the bank of this lake is believed to be the oldest temple in the Thane district. It was built and then later renovated in 1750 AD by Chimajji Appa.

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Explore The Historical Relevance Of Vasai Fort:

The Bassein Fort, also referred to as the Vasai Fort, is located in the Vasai village. Built in 1532, this fort is approximately 5 centuries old. It was constructed by the Sultan of Gujarat. The Bassein Fort was primarily responsible for offering protection to the entire province of Bassein. It offered cover to over 58,000 Indian Christians, 60,000 inhabitants and 2,000 Portuguese.

Bassein Fort in Vasai
The gateways of this fort are extremely attractive and have beautiful inscriptions adorning them, while in the close proximity are the Portuguese Graves that are believed to be dating back to 1558. The surrounding area that envelopes the fort is revered for its picturesque beauty. This place is surrounded by sea from three directions. If you love visiting ancient places, then you should keep aside some time for this destination.

Bassein Fort
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Witness The Kites Flying During Makar Sankranti In Thane

The 'Makar Sankranti' festival is fast approaching and a certain section of Thane's population is excited about celebrating this occasion by flying kites. Some wonder how the tradition of kite-flying came into existence. It has its origins in 'Vasant Navratri', which is a festive period of Hindus occurring in the month of January every year.

Makar Sankranti
Saraswati, the goddess of wealth, is worshipped during this festive season. Hindus are also required to offer flowers of different colours to the Sun God during this period. As the sun shines in the sky, the Hindus of ancient times decided to fly kites of different colours, shapes, and sizes as their offering to the Sun God. Over the years, this tradition came to be known as the 'Kite Festival'. People travelling to Thane city either for business or leisure during the Makar Sankranti festival would get to witness the marvellous sights of many colourful kites dotting the city's skyline.

Happy Makar Sankranti
People visiting Thane during this festival can also get to some of the most interesting places in the city to get a feel of the festive atmosphere. A stay at one of the best hotels in Thane would give them greater convenience in visiting these places.

Upvan Lake: An Eye-Candy Among Tourists Visiting Thane

Popularly known as ‘City of Lakes’, Thane is one of the most popular cities in the Western belt of India. Thane is home to over 30 odd lakes. Some of the popular ones include Tansa Lake, Jaysagar Lake, and Devkop Lake. But, there’s one lake which is receives maximum visitors and also happens to be highly adored by visitors. This lake is popularly known as Upvan Lake. The Lake is situated in the Pokhran Area of the district of Thane, with the Yeoor Hills flanked on one side.

Upvan Lake in Thane
This lake is a common destination among teenagers of the city. They can be seen spending some chilled out moments with their best friends. The benches around this lake are primarily here for offering great view to the visitors. Upvan Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Thane. Once primary source of water for the entire Thane city, today, it is solely used for recreational purposes. The official residence of the Mayor of Thane is located adjacent to this lake.

Upvan Lake
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