The Incredible Rise of Thane City

Thane has come a long way since its discovery by ancient travellers and geographers such as  Ptolemy, who refers to it by the name of 'Chersonesus'. During the earlier  times, this city was known as 'Sri Sthanaka', which is evident from the writings on the slabs and copper plates  discovered after the foundation of the Thane fort were dug up in the late eighteenth century. According to the findings by a great traveller named Friar Jordanus, Thane was under the rule of a Muslim governor during the early fourteenth century. It was also ruled by Portuguese and then by the Marathas, before this region came under the British rule. Today it holds the third-highest per capita income record in Maharashtra, the first two being the cities of Mumbai and Pune. One can find many elegant hotels in Thane other than the high-rise residential and commercial buildings, and shopping malls.

Thane City
Over the years, many communities from different parts of India have made this city their home. This has given a cosmopolitan feel to this city, which is apparent from the numerous festivals and events celebrated by   people belonging to various cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The restaurants in Thane serve mouth-watering delicacies that originate from different states of the country. Patrons of these restaurants have the opportunity to taste a variety of  popular international cuisines besides  local dishes.

Lake in Thane
Recent developments in the overall infrastructure  have improved the quality of life of the  residents of the city. Several multi-national companies have their offices in this city, which has increased the demand for business hotels in Thane having  modern amenities. These hotels cater to both business as well as leisure travellers with elegant rooms and suites,repetition. They also have some exciting features such as a well-equipped fitness centre, spa and salon, discotheque and multi-cuisine restaurant.