Thane: Keeping Pace With Changing Times

Historically, Thane has always been a place of great importance, and has found mention in the works of Ptolemy, a Greco-Egyptian geographer. Over a period of time, this city has undergone tremendous improvements in infrastructure and standard of living. As a result, people belonging to different regions of India have made this city their home. It has also become a preferred destination of many companies to set up their offices. For those seeking some great venues for entertainment, there are some fantastic multiplexes, shopping malls and cultural centres in this part of the world. Many of the restaurants in Thane include various delicacies from different parts of India on their menu, which gives the chance for its residents as well as tourists to pamper their taste buds.

Hotel United-21, Thane

Thane has made a commendable progress in the areas of healthcare, education, and recreational facilities over the years. In the course of its development, this city has not ignored certain important aspects like eco-friendliness and cultural advancements. Availability of a sizeable portion of land has resulted in the setting up of various industries in this region. Most of the businesses that have chosen Thane for setting up their offices belong to the fields of Information Technology, Logistics, Retail and Healthcare. This has created a great demand for business hotels in Thane to cater to the growing number of executives from top management who visit the corporate offices from different parts of the world.

Discotheque in Hotel United-21 Thane

For its tourists, Thane has a variety of offerings that range from places abundant with natural beauty to the ones that have plenty of excitement in store for the entire family. Some of the popular hotels in Thane host some entertaining events, especially during major festivals. Booking an accommodation in these hotels would give the chance for tourists to have loads of fun during such events.