Maharashtra Day Celebrations in Thane

Maharashtra Day is the state level holiday, which commemorates formation of this state on 1st May 1960. This day popularly called “Maharashtra Diwas” is celebrated throughout the state with great pomp and fervor. Regional headquarters of the state voluntarily take part in these state wide celebrations, in which massive parades and speeches of political leaders keep prime importance. Apart from this national spirit Maharashtra day celebrations include various events and ceremonies which reflect the history and cultural traditions of Maharashtra. 

Shivaji Maharaj
At this juncture it is very much important to know background and happenings behind formation of this state called United Maharashtra and the great self motivated movement, which was popular in those days as Sanyucta (United) Maharashtra movement. One hundred and six people sacrificed their lives and were declared Martyrs after formation of this Maha Rashtra or great state. Before the establishment of United Maharashtra a bilingual state was in existence, which was strongly opposed by the Maharashtrians and resulted in formation of this state with Mumbai as its capital excluding the territory of Karwar and Belgaum. During one of the sessions of congress it was decided that the states should be created on the basis of languages. The JVP committee opposed the idea of separate Maharashtra and a movement emerged out of disappointment when Senapati Bapat gave it a new direction. The movement concluded with formation of United Maharahstra. Thane the stronghold of Maharashtrians celebrating many events and festivals throughout the year, becomes more nationalistic on this day. Maharashtra Day Celebrations in Thane are observed in public as well as private places which include speeches of dignitaries regarding the great participation of all those who made the dream of United Maharahstra a reality. The hundred and six heroes who became martyrs while fighting for this cause are deeply honored and remembered during these functions. Events in Thane always show a unique identity of their own.

Maharashtra Day Celebration on 1st May
Hotel united-21 in Thane on this day salutes all those who offered their share in formation of Maharashtra the land of saints. The state gave many great personalities to the nation. Visit United-21 on one of the great occasions of national or cultural importance and witness the pride with which they are celebrated.