Mahuli Fort in Thane

Most of us even after leaving in Thane are not aware of its great past and the incidences happened in this great city in historical times. This region near Thane creek is referred to as Chersonesus by a Greek traveler. Another reference comes from the foundations of Thane fort taken out in 1787, which describes name of this city as Sthanaka. In the past It was ruled by Muslims, Christians, Greeks and Portuguese. Traveler by the name Duarte Barbosa described this place as adorned with mosques and temples built in Spanish type of architecture surrounded by many pleasant gardens. There are around seventeen forts in Thane, including some of the popular ones like Vasai, Karnala and Ghodbunder fort.

Mauli Fort in Thane Near Asangaon
Mahuli fort was built by Mughals and was under the rule of Nijamshahi. Shahaji the sardar of Nijamshahi took Jijabai and Shivaji along with him to stay in this fort. The fort was attacked by Jaman Khan on orders from Mughal powers in Delhi. Shahaji lost this fort to Mughals, which was conquered by Shivaji in 1658. A series of defeats and victory continued till 1817, when finally it was captured by the British. These forts have become popular tourist attractions in Thane. Mahuli fort spread on a huge area near Asangaon in Mahuli village can be reached from Asangaon railway station located on the Mumbai-Nashik highway just ninety one km from Mumbai. After walking for five minutes from Mahuli village, you will reach a Shiva temple located at the base of the fort. This is the best place to enjoy during weekends with many other attractions like a Jain temple called Manas Mandir. It is possible to drive up to this temple where you can get some exclusive local snacks and tasty water of the well near temple. Here starts the three hour trek to the fort which is one of the famous treks in Thane, with a beautiful stream flowing at the starting point of your journey.

Mauli Trek
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