Mahuli Fort in Thane

Most of us even after leaving in Thane are not aware of its great past and the incidences happened in this great city in historical times. This region near Thane creek is referred to as Chersonesus by a Greek traveler. Another reference comes from the foundations of Thane fort taken out in 1787, which describes name of this city as Sthanaka. In the past It was ruled by Muslims, Christians, Greeks and Portuguese. Traveler by the name Duarte Barbosa described this place as adorned with mosques and temples built in Spanish type of architecture surrounded by many pleasant gardens. There are around seventeen forts in Thane, including some of the popular ones like Vasai, Karnala and Ghodbunder fort.

Mauli Fort in Thane Near Asangaon
Mahuli fort was built by Mughals and was under the rule of Nijamshahi. Shahaji the sardar of Nijamshahi took Jijabai and Shivaji along with him to stay in this fort. The fort was attacked by Jaman Khan on orders from Mughal powers in Delhi. Shahaji lost this fort to Mughals, which was conquered by Shivaji in 1658. A series of defeats and victory continued till 1817, when finally it was captured by the British. These forts have become popular tourist attractions in Thane. Mahuli fort spread on a huge area near Asangaon in Mahuli village can be reached from Asangaon railway station located on the Mumbai-Nashik highway just ninety one km from Mumbai. After walking for five minutes from Mahuli village, you will reach a Shiva temple located at the base of the fort. This is the best place to enjoy during weekends with many other attractions like a Jain temple called Manas Mandir. It is possible to drive up to this temple where you can get some exclusive local snacks and tasty water of the well near temple. Here starts the three hour trek to the fort which is one of the famous treks in Thane, with a beautiful stream flowing at the starting point of your journey.

Mauli Trek
There are many tourist attractions like forts, castles, ancient temples, nature resorts and hill stations in and around Thane. Like these natural attractions there are many manmade wonders in the heart of the city. If you are visiting the city for the first time you have variety of places to stay. United-21 Hotel in Thane is one such venue, where you can expect lots of amenities and facilities of international standards. They are bundled together with an in house restaurant spices and sauces offering cuisines ranging from Indian to continental dishes. We have many graceful events and occasions like festivals celebrated with enthusiasm and charm. Come and join us on a beautiful evening to share fun and entertainment at United-21 Thane.

Holi Celebrations in Thane

Thane has already prepared itself for a vibrant celebration of Holi, one of the most popular festivals celebrated with great humor in Maharashtra. The celebrations go wild as the day comes up and gangs of friends and foes come on the streets of Thane, to enjoy a day in a unique way by arranging bonfires at the corners of the streets and grounds.

Holi Celebrations in Thane
In the evening youngsters mostly in groups called Mandals or a social group get busy in collecting weeds, logs of wood and arrange them in a particular conical shape on round trenches. It’s a great combination of religious rituals, fun and frolic observed at every corner of the city. After the bonfire is set properly and when people in the nearby vicinity gather for a joyous celebration, elders are honored to set ablaze the bonfire which symbolizes victory of good over evil. Housewives bring offerings in the form of sweets and coconuts for Holika. The coconuts roasted in the bonfire and sweets are distributed to the people gathered for celebrations. Most of the residents of Thane being Maharashtrians having strong faith in religion and culture this festival of Holika Dahan is observed with full dignity and honor. New generation believing in somewhat liberal way of living take this occasion as the best time for partying in the hotels and restaurants. Holi celebrations in Thane takes shape in some of the star hotels, which arrange exclusive cultural events on the occasion of this festival. Next day is marked by vibrant rangapanchami celebrations in Thane, when the city gets colored with rainbow of colors. Celebrators of various age groups are moving on the streets and getting totally immersed in the colors of this festival. Bhang is prepared in many housing societies and sweets as well as eatables ordered in large quantities. So eventually it is the time to enjoy keeping yourself away for two days from the boredom of routine life.

Holi Celebrations in Mumbai
Hotel United-21 in Thane takes this opportunity to organize cultural and social events for its members as well as the people of Thane. The hotel provides many reasons to visit it during festival period, when it declares many attractive offers for the people visiting this venue. If you are becoming member of lifestyle family club of United-21 you will be privileged to use many additional facilities like well equipped Gymnasium, steam bath, sauna along with many indoor sports like snooker and squash.

Some Of The Popular Hospitals in Thane

Thane is a beautiful city which is complete in all respects with best infrastructure and other required facilities. Located near the island city of Mumbai, Thane city is the heart of the vast sprawling Thane district, including many tahsils and constituencies. Surrounded beautifully by the Yeoor and Parsik hill ranges and serene lakes this city still preserves its traditional look.

Thane is perfectly administered by Thane Municipal Corporation which takes care of welfare of city and its citizens. The corporation controls a large area and its city limits are confined from Kopri in the South to Kapurbawdi in the north covering areas like Wagle estate, Naupada, Lokmanya Nagar, Panchpakhdi, Kalwa, Mumba and Diva. Public transportation in Thane is handled by corporations, Thane Municipal Transport popularly called TMT. It is the major bus service provider with its own workshops and bus depots spread across the limits of the city. There are plenty of other facilities like taxis, auto rickshaws or even the traditional horse carts, which ply between corners of Thane. In order to observe smooth movement of traffic inside the city the roads are widened and renovated recently. Maintaining good health of the citizens is also one of the major responsibilities of the corporation and Hospitals in Thane play a major role in offering required medical attention to the residents.

Health of the citizens is looked after by the Municipal Corporation, which has opened many civil hospitals in the city and the economically backward class is offered free medical help in some of its hospitals located at Tembhi Naka and Wagle Estate. A mental hospital located in Wagle estate is popular from a long time, which accommodates patients from Thane as well as near by areas. Other major hospitals in Thane can be listed as Jupiter hospital, Bethany hospital and Dr. Sane Children’s Hospital.

Looking at the growing population and healthcare needs of this metro city many new private hospitals are already established, which are catering to the needs of the population. Other famous hospitals in Thane are seven hills hospital sponsored by Hiranandani with ultra modern facilities having sections ranging from cardiac to cosmetology. Life care hospital in Vartak Nagar keeps a capacity to handle large number of patients in case of emergency.