Upvan Arts Festival in Thane

Thane the historic city near Mumbai is going to get transformed into a city of arts during Upvan Arts Festival, which will be hosted at Upvan Lake. More than two hundred Indian as well as International artists will be presenting miracles of visual and performing arts. It will be a first of its kind experience for the residents of Thane as well surrounding places to witness dazzling performances at Upvan Lake, which is one of the biggest lakes of Thane. The venue of this festival is exclusive with views of lake nestled at the backdrop of Yeoor hills, offering total serenity and calm to the visitors.

Image Courtesy by Upvan Arts Festival
Thane is going to get buzzed up during this festival with the arrival of participating artists as well as the admirers of art and artistic forms. This festival lasting for three days starting from 10th January 2014 and concluding on 12th January, will be really a feast for those who love art and its various forms. These three day bonanza will offer everything from fine as well as traditional art, performing arts, Culinary arts, visual and digital art. Performances related to art installations, interactive art, folk center art and contemporary art will be some of the highlighting events at the festival. Day one will offer you opportunity of witnessing legendary maestros performing their extraordinary skills on various Indian musical instruments. Masters of Indian classical singing will present a feast of classical singing on day two and third day will be reserved for devotional singing performances. Apart from music an attempt will be made towards development of visual arts in the region through performances, discussions, exhibits and demonstrations.

Upvan the venue of this event in Thane can be easily reached from Thane station, which is just five km at Thane West. Those who are coming from distant places in India as well as some other countries be assured that there are plenty of accommodations available in Thane, along with a world class hotel like hotel United-21. Tickets for this Upvan arts festival in Thane can be booked at various venues in and around Thane, which are mentioned on the website Upvan arts festival. Book your tickets at the earliest to witness this great saga of art, culture, shopping and much more at Thane.