The Fabulous Makar Sankranti Celebrations Of Thane

Each Indian state has its own way of celebrating festivals, and this is reflected in various festive occasions of Thane. Over the years, Thane has developed a cosmopolitan look, as many people from different ethnic backgrounds have made this place their home. As a result, festivals belonging to their respective cultures are celebrated with great zest, enabling others to be a part of their festivities. The Makar Sankranti festival, which is an important day for Maharashtrians as well as several other communities residing in this region, is mostly celebrated on the 14th of January every year. It is one of the most awaited festivals of Hindus in Maharashtra and many other states of India.

Makar Sankranti Celebrations in Thane
On this day, a get-together of married women is organized, which is known as 'Haldi-Kunku'. A special kind of sweet dish is prepared for the occasion, using gram flour, ground sesame seeds and jaggery. A ball-shaped sweet called 'Tilgul', made using sesame seeds and jaggery is distributed among people. Among all festivals in Thane region, this particular one promotes the spirit of brotherhood. Tourists visiting this part of the world would notice it during the distribution of Tilguls, as people tell each other to forget past hostilities or ill-feelings and speak sweet words.  

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