Know About Thane

Most of the people from states other than Maharashtra know something about Mumbai. In this blog we will provide more information of Thane and its tourist attractions, which borders Mumbai and is known for its historical background. Historical evidences show that this region has witnessed rise and fall of many empires and was considered as the strategic area as long as wars in those period were concerned. Forts in this region were the main targets of the Rajas and Maharajas, who made sincere efforts to keep these forts under their control. Some of the historical places in Thane are visited by hoards of tourists.
Talao Pali (Masunda Lake)
Thinking of present day Thane one can easily notice that the city has transformed itself from a historical city to a most modern city in the region. Thane’s name became popular when the first railway was started by British administration, which used to ply between Victoria Terminus and Thane. Thane once an industrial city has slowly changed its face to a newly evolving planned modern city. A wave of new developments is seen to be emerging in this city, which replaced old housing facilities into newly constructed huge residential towers. Advent of supermarkets and an array of shopping malls in Thane, made shopping in the city more organized and enjoying. Keeping in mind the growth of the city at a larger pace the local administration has given priority to infrastructural development programs. This improved the overall facilities like transport in Thane as well as entertainment for the residents and tourists in the form of well maintained Lakes or Shopping venues. Along with this rapid growth in facilities and attractions number of tourists and visitors grew proportionately. Existing number of hotels in Thane seemed to be insufficient for the increased visitors, who are coming to Thane for various reasons.

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