Maharashtrian Food Festival in Thane

Maharashtrian food covers a wide range of dishes that vary according to different regions of the state. All the cuisines are mouth-watering, and they have variety of preparations from the mild to some very spicy ones. Now, there is an opportunity to explore different varieties of these delicacies by being a part of Maharashtrian Food Festival that would be held from 20th April to 2nd May at Hotel United-21 of Thane. This event would also celebrate Maharashtra Day which falls on the 1st of May. It would be held in Blue Flame, where buffet dinners can be enjoyed along with a Global BBQ facility.

Maharashtrian Food Festival in United-21
This hotel is the region's only 4-star hotel which offers world-class facilities and services for its guests. Business travellers and leisure tourists can have a comfortable stay in its spacious and comfortable rooms or suites that are well-equipped with all the modern amenities. But, residents of Thane find its Lifestyle Family Club very interesting, as it hosts different types of events on a regular basis. Usually, these events are held on special occasions and offer great opportunities for participants to walk away with special prizes. Other amenities in this hotel include Steam & Sauna rooms, Spa, Salon and a Meditation Room.

People who wish to savour different varieties of Maharashtrian cuisines can be a part of this wonderful event. This Maharashtrian food fest would also be a great opportunity to get introduced to different types of dishes that are prepared in various regions of the state. The buffet lunch and dinner at Blue Flame includes all these delicacies and have been offered for guests at reasonable prices. The management has done this to ensure that every individual who wants to be a part of this event gets a chance to experience the exotic flavours without worrying too much about the costs.

Vichy Treatments in Thane

Vichy treatment includes several methods of wrapping the body with mud from the thermal springs, sea water and some other materials.  It also includes a shower that is arranged near the treatment table so that you can take a bath while lying down in a relaxed position. This can be considered as part of the treatment in which body of the person undergoing the treatment like salt scrub or body wrap. After completing the salt treatment, we normally take a bath to remove the salt or mud coating. This is made easy by taking a shower at the same place where body coating is done. The Vichy showers are pleasing and comfort the person taking the treatment. These treatments like Spa and Vichy are age old treatments observed in different forms at various regions of the world. Vichy treatment in Thane is available at many places. Mud from hot springs as well as the sea water shows a great curing effect against some common ailments.

Vichy treatment in Hotel United21 at Thane
Thane the most modern suburb near Mumbai, has many places where the massage and Spa treatments are offered to get relief from the common body ailments. At United-21 in Thane we offer most modern Spa and Vichy treatments in our most Spa center supervised by some of the experts in the industry. Day Spa at our spa center offers variety of treatments to improve beauty and health while relaxing through treatments like facials and massages. United-21 the four star hotel in the heart of the city has a unique Spa center with required ambiance which is essential for such treatments. The elegant surroundings, soothing interiors and ambient light at our Spa center create perfect combination for the massage and other therapies.

Visit our hotel in Thane during the weekends to spend some time at our Spa center and enjoy a few moments of relaxing by undergoing a suitable treatment from the plethora of Spa and Vichy treatments. Our experts will provide every advice as to which treatment will be suitable for you after making a preliminary inspection. While going abroad to some international destination you can drop at United-21 the only star hotel with spa in thane and make your skin healthy with one of the treatments.