Holi Celebrations in Thane

Thane is a cosmopolitan city, inhabited by people coming from different parts of India and having varied cultural backgrounds. People who have witnessed Holi celebrations in Thane are testimony to the fact that many individuals of this city love to get drenched in colours during this festival. It is celebrated in the Hindu month of Phalgun on a full moon day, which falls usually in March. Excitement among people is apparent, as they begin all preparations for this wonderful occasion well in advance. Special delicacies are prepared by womenfolk, and everyone in the family gets to enjoy the fabulous treat.

Myths or legends associated with this festival are many, but, one that tells the tale of evil-minded Pootana's death seems to be an interesting one. According to this story, the ogress tried to kill Lord Krishna when he was in his infancy by breast-feeding him with poisoned milk according to the plan of devil Kansa. But Krishna squeezes her breasts and sucks her life instead, finally killing her. This story of Holi festival finds favour with certain people who believe that festivals originate from seasonal cycles and Pootana represents winter. Her death is considered to be the end of winter and some Holi celebrations in Thane are based on the story of Pootana’s death.

Some of the hotels in Thane celebrate this popular festival with colours and special events, involving their staff and guests. Tourists staying in these hotels get the chance to witness Holi festival in Thane and the enthusiasm with which people indulge in its festivities. Hotel United-21 of Thane is particularly well-known for conducting special events on such occasions. Members and guests of this hotel can get a glimpse of Holi celebrations in Thane when they participate in such events. It is also a wonderful opportunity for getting a taste of several local delicacies.

Hotels To Stay In Thane

Thane is the city cosmopolitan city having historical temples, lakes, hills, ancient churches, forts, resorts and amusement parks. This city has gained a reputation of a business hub replacing its previous distinction of an industrial city. The ever-growing and prospering city near Mumbai is also ahead regarding the number of hotels. People of different status are trying to get hotels of various types according to their budgets. Keeping this in mind hotels to stay in Thane provide various types of services matching the needs of these people.

Hotel Room at United-21, Thane
Some of the visitors are looking only for lodging, while others focus on both accommodations and food. Some of the hotels keep a specialty in providing a particular cuisine like Chinese, Arabic or European. Budget hotels in Thane are the type of hotels which are in great demand as these hotels provide maximum amenities at affordable costs. Many hotels in Thane offer additional facilities like spa and fitness center to attract more customers. But there was need for a hotel in Thane which will provide more facilities under one roof. This was fulfilled by our hotel in Thane by the name United-21, offering variety of facilities under one roof. The hotels providing just lodging and boarding facilities are spread near Thane railway station, while some prestigious hotels with prime facilities like swimming pool and fitness centre are located bit away from the station inside the heart of the city. Resorts are another fascinating type of hotels located little away from the buzz of the city, where mostly people come for a day’s entertainment along with sumptuous food. They are mostly visited by groups of picnickers or families trying to spend some peaceful time in the vicinity of nature.

These different types of hotels cater to the need of variety of people with unique choices as well as budgets and offer spacious rooms in Thane. Whenever you are in search of best accommodation in Thane, avoid last minute disappointment by just contacting our reception at Hotel United-21 in Thane. We will surely help you out in making arrangements for your comfortable stay.