Vasant Panchami Celebrations in Thane

Thane is a city located close to Mumbai and has a rich cultural heritage. Its history dates back to Vedic times and also finds a mention in the works of Ptolemy, a Greek geographer. It also has many places of great historical importance that have also become popular tourist attractions in recent times. Though Maharashtrian culture dominates this region to a great extent, many people from different parts of India have migrated to this city in the past few years, giving it a cosmopolitan look and feel. Due to the presence of several cultures, many festivals in Thane are celebrated with great fervour. Grand festivities are witnessed at many places in the city and people belonging to different religions or castes enjoy being a part of them.

Vasant Panchami Celebration
Though many festivals are celebrated in Thane, there is one particular festival which is of great significance. It is called Vasant Panchami and falls usually in the month of February, which, according to Hindu calendar, is the fifth day in lunar month of Magha. The word 'Vasant' means 'spring', which explains the fact that this day marks the beginning of spring season. This day also celebrates the birth of Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and arts. People gather in various religious places to celebrate this auspicious day of Hindus. Her favourite colour is believed to be white, so garments of this particular shade are worn by devotees when performing the rituals. It is also a day when all Hindu pre-school children are given their very first lesson in writing and reading.

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