Hills in thane

The most attractive element in Thane tourism is the hills of Thane. It is bedecked with mountains ranges and hillocks, some of the most popular and well known hills in Thane are the Yeoor hills. Many times referred to as Mama Bhanja hills they are located in the limits of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The hills can be approached from the Borivali side or the Thane side of Ghodbunder road. Yeoor village is located at the foot of the hills. This region is called trekkers paradise, as you can scroll the surrounding jungles while going on a short trek. In the rainy season or immediately after the rains this region looks awesome and is covered with a green shawl. Since this is protected area of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park there is a chance of encounter by wild beasts or even snakes.

Hills in Thane
The streams and waterfalls in the region are a great treat to your camera offering scenic views. Yeoor hills are home to exclusive species of birds, mammals, insects and reptiles. It has a high concentration of leopards, Mouse deer, Pythons, Cobras, Bamboo pit viper and a range of butterflies. The region houses explicit species of birds including migratory birds and many rare bird species. Tourist attractions of the region are more than hundred years old Mama Bhanja temple and much popular theme park Tikuji Ni wadi providing numerous water sports and other means of entertainment. There are a few hotels and resorts located right inside boundaries of the hills.

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