Hotel United-21 With Lifestyle Family Club

Are you in search of a Hotel in Thane, which will provide you all the facilities of a four star hotel that too at affordable rates. This search seems to be little bit difficult but we have the best option matching your requirements. Our Hotel United-21 in Thane is the one stop solution to your requirements of a luxurious stay in Thane, along with many additional facilities you might be looking for.

Presently city of Thane has gained lot of importance being in the vicinity of Mumbai and still having lot of fresh air to breathe. This city once popular as an industrial hub, has slowly gained a reputation of a modern city preferred by visitors to get a halt during their business meetings or in their transit time while departing for an international tour. This changed picture of the city has prompted it for having sufficient number of Hotels to suit the Indian as well as international visitors. Keeping in view many hotels were added to the list of the existing number. We have introduced hotel United-21 with the intention of providing many facilities under one roof and maintaining international standards for the tourists in transit.

In its first few years of introduction the hotel has made a good impression and achieved popularity among the residents of Thane. The lifestyle family club of United-21 attempts to offer a favorable environment to build up good relationships among the members. While participating in some entertaining as well as creative events at regular intervals the members get an opportunity to show their talents. As a member of the club you can build your muscles or undergo routine health exercises in the Gym of the hotel. In a mood of relaxation you can take a sauna or a steam bath. Recreation in the form of indoor and outdoor games is the best means of entertainment to the members. For kids accompanying the members there is separate Kid zone. Above all this the members are availed free entry during the events and shows. We invite you to Hotel United-21 with lifestyle Family club to celebrate a beautiful evening along with your family and friends.

Popular Lakes in Thane

Many times Thane is referred to as city of Lakes, since it has around thirty lakes in its vicinity. Masunda Lake also called as Talao Pali is the central attraction of the city located near Thane railway station. Another beautiful lake in Thane inside the boundaries of the city is the Upvan Lake. Other famous lakes in Thane are Makhmali Talao, Brahmala Talao, Hariyali Talao and many more.

Masunda Talao is the renowned place in Thane where the city residents come for a evening walk around the lake. This lake was beautified by Thane Municipal Corporation by constructing a huge Hanuman temple standing on a small island amidst the lake. The corporation has made arrangements of boating for the families in the form of small engine boats and for the couples there are pedal boats which can be navigated by the couples themselves. This huge lake is the landmark of Thane City. Upvan lake is located in the Pokhran area very much popular among the couples in the near by region as a silent place to visit and relax. This lake offers beautiful views of the Yeoor hills at its backdrop. Once looked upon as the source of water for the city it has turned into a recreational place. This lake was also restored by the corporation in order to preserve the image of the city as city of lakes. There are a few ponds in Thane near Wagle Industrial Estate located at Thane west.

In this city of lakes, we have organized many pleasures of hospitality under one roof at Hotel United-21 in Thane. We have offered many modern facilities and amenities, so that you can relish in the realm of these facilities backed by our prompt services. We have offered every option of a luxurious stay in Thane at our spacious and tastefully decorated rooms and suits. Festivals and special occasions are celebrated here in the most decent and celebrating mood. United-21 is the best venue for the businessmen visiting Thane on a business visit.

Vasant Panchami Celebrations in Thane

Thane is a city located close to Mumbai and has a rich cultural heritage. Its history dates back to Vedic times and also finds a mention in the works of Ptolemy, a Greek geographer. It also has many places of great historical importance that have also become popular tourist attractions in recent times. Though Maharashtrian culture dominates this region to a great extent, many people from different parts of India have migrated to this city in the past few years, giving it a cosmopolitan look and feel. Due to the presence of several cultures, many festivals in Thane are celebrated with great fervour. Grand festivities are witnessed at many places in the city and people belonging to different religions or castes enjoy being a part of them.

Vasant Panchami Celebration
Though many festivals are celebrated in Thane, there is one particular festival which is of great significance. It is called Vasant Panchami and falls usually in the month of February, which, according to Hindu calendar, is the fifth day in lunar month of Magha. The word 'Vasant' means 'spring', which explains the fact that this day marks the beginning of spring season. This day also celebrates the birth of Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and arts. People gather in various religious places to celebrate this auspicious day of Hindus. Her favourite colour is believed to be white, so garments of this particular shade are worn by devotees when performing the rituals. It is also a day when all Hindu pre-school children are given their very first lesson in writing and reading.

This particular festival would also be celebrated in a great way at Hotel United-21 in Thane. It is the city's only 4-star hotel, which has grown in popularity over the years among people with its world-class services and occasional events that are held in its Lifestyle Family Club. Members have an excellent time during festival celebration in hotel United-21 with their entire family, as they get to participate in several games and fun activities that are held during the celebrations. These events are held in the evening, enabling all members to be present on such occasions.

4 Star Hotels in Thane

If we say that the place called Ghod Bunder in Thane, where at present high rising structures of Thane are lined up was a horse trading center in historic times, you may not believe it. The journey of the city from a traditional trade center to a modern business hub is incredible. The name of the city is always in highlights due to one reason or the other. The transformation of the city into a business hub has introduced many luxurious hotels. United-21 the first 4 star Hotel in Thane, has reached the heights of popularity among the visitors as well as the residents of Thane. Visit us on some special occasions like Christmas or New Years Eve to taste some of the classic food dishes offered at the hotels own restaurant in Thane. 

4 star Hotel United-21 in Thane
The credit of achieving this popularity goes to our visionaries who predicted the future needs of Luxurious stay in this city long time back. We at United-21 are the trend setters in introducing world class facilities to our guests. When you visit our hotel our priority is to offer you a perfect service, so that you become our regular customer. Our ultimate goal is to reach beyond the service provider - customer relation and provide a stress free family atmosphere. To retain such atmosphere, we have provided ultimate facilities of international class like Banquet, Discotheque, Spa, Salon and life style family club. If you are an international passenger in transit, a businessman on a business trip or looking for some best venue for family function we always welcome you to visit our hotel and get a guaranteed satisfaction. Come with passion for a Luxurious stay in Thane and we guarantee an awesome experience of a sumptuous stay waiting for you. Our unique trend of hospitality will offer you a soothing sensation and a feeling to visit the hotel one more time.

Hills in thane

The most attractive element in Thane tourism is the hills of Thane. It is bedecked with mountains ranges and hillocks, some of the most popular and well known hills in Thane are the Yeoor hills. Many times referred to as Mama Bhanja hills they are located in the limits of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The hills can be approached from the Borivali side or the Thane side of Ghodbunder road. Yeoor village is located at the foot of the hills. This region is called trekkers paradise, as you can scroll the surrounding jungles while going on a short trek. In the rainy season or immediately after the rains this region looks awesome and is covered with a green shawl. Since this is protected area of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park there is a chance of encounter by wild beasts or even snakes.

Hills in Thane
The streams and waterfalls in the region are a great treat to your camera offering scenic views. Yeoor hills are home to exclusive species of birds, mammals, insects and reptiles. It has a high concentration of leopards, Mouse deer, Pythons, Cobras, Bamboo pit viper and a range of butterflies. The region houses explicit species of birds including migratory birds and many rare bird species. Tourist attractions of the region are more than hundred years old Mama Bhanja temple and much popular theme park Tikuji Ni wadi providing numerous water sports and other means of entertainment. There are a few hotels and resorts located right inside boundaries of the hills.

Sahyadri mountain range in Thane spreads undisputedly on a long stretch. We welcome tourists and businessman visiting Thane to have a small break at Hotel United-21, for a stupendous stay at some of the best furnished accommodations in Thane. Modern amenities, facilities and a whole lot of entertainment along with a swimming pool are available at our hotel. Drop in once and you will be amazed by our exclusive service for the guests.